A Renaissance In Landscape Garden Building / by Jeff Hennig

"What is honored in a country will be cultivated there."  

- Plato

Since the beginning of time, man has been inspired by the  beauty and flawless design inherent in nature.  When we  truly respect and experience its grand design, we stand in awe.

 Appreciation of this beauty has been the compelling force behind the work of Environmental Artists.  By continually expanding our understanding of the Laws of Nature and the Nature of Man, Environmental Artists is reviving the ancient art of classical Landscape Garden Building.

Landscape Garden Design is timeless.  It is the first, the oldest and the highest of all arts.  It is the foundation for man's appreciation of beauty and design, an appreciation that manifests itself in many other arts and sciences today.  Even classical music with its exact harmonic proportions uses the principles of Landscape Garden Design.

Science is the study of nature.  Landscape Garden Design is the art of nature.  Environmental Artists immerses itself in the art of nature.


"I do not seek to follow the footsteps of men of old, I seek the things they sought. "

- Matsuo Basho 17th century Haiku poet

Through the ages, there were many who were content to accept the status quo.  There are also a few who were determined to raise awareness to a higher level.  Environmental Artists constantly strives to surpass "the accepted" in landscape design and move ahead to create enduring works of art.

Environmental Artists ensures that your garden is not created arbitrarily.  We meticulously address the beauty of its aesthetic nature, the geometry of its exact proportion and the engineered function of each aspect.  Stone, water and plants are the components arranged and integrated with your site to achieve aesthetic perfection.  Environmental Artists ensures that your landscape garden will be integral to it's natural setting.  Through our work, we are dedicated to providing beauty, enjoyment and inspiration for generations to come.  We believe that enduring quality is the only choice.  True value.  Real worth.



"Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life"  

- Confucius

 A Monumental approach. Placing thirty-ton monolithic stone thrusts.  Terracing slabs of naturally finished granite and limestone.  Transplanting fifty-foot tall trees.  

These are some of the endeavors Environmental Artists pursues for projects.  We welcome the most difficult challenges in the creation of your garden.

We perform design, construction and maintenance for all our projects, remaining integrally involved from inception through development.  

We closely oversee our design intent, overcoming the obstacles and complexities of site realities.  Our "hands on" approach allows detail modification in areas where aesthetic and engineered perfection is required.  Environmental Artists will not leave any phase of a project to the vagaries of someone else's interpretation.  We personally see each project through.

Environmental Artists is committed to building more than great landscape gardens.  We are committed to building lasting relationships with our clients based on trust and value.  We design and build based on your lifestyle and your needs.

Our experienced management and administrative team have developed systems and methodologies that ensure your project's successful completion.  We work directly with designers, engineers, artisans, craftsmen, machine operators, shippers and suppliers.  The result is a true partnership that lasts for the duration of your project.

Environmental Artists shares with you a true appreciation of art and beauty.  By understanding each other's needs and capabilities, we create a unique alliance based on mutual integrity and appreciation.  This makes each commission a genuine pleasure.

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