The Three Rules We Never Break / by Jeff Hennig

 I  Great design should not be created arbitrarily.

We believe above all else, conceptual themes must be reduced to the simplest of ideas.

We believe meticulous attention be given to all critical aesthetic relationships and the geometry of exact proportion.

We believe engineered functions of each aspect always be rigorously addressed.

We believe these efforts result in a truly refined design that appears effortless in its creation;  all complexity hidden in an elegant simplicity.

 II Great productions should not be left to the vagaries of someone else's interpretation.

We are obsessed with control of our design intent, enabling us to overcome the obstacles and complexities of site realities. This "hands on" approach allows detail modification in areas where aesthetic and engineered perfection is required.

We work directly with designers, engineers, artisans, craftsmen, machine operators, shippers and suppliers. We incorporate design, construction and maintenance within all our projects, remaining integrally involved through the projects lifetime.

III Great collaborations require a philosophical alliance between all minds involved.

We believe there must be a understanding of the aesthetic by all key contributors an understanding that transcends drawings and images.

We believe in a team with a unanimous appreciation of art and beauty, integrity, trust and value.